Dragon Fire Ceremonies
After much thought, I have decided to close Dragon Fire Ceremonies. Before you go, aww; this is a good thing. Every goal I set for myself and my company has been completed with success. I didn't want to close my business any other way than successfully; so now, time for a new adventure. I still own Dragon Fire Ceremonies, the name and logo will always be mine. I will keep all the wonderful memories collected over the many years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all my past clients that made Dragon Fire Ceremonies what it has been, a company that I will forever be so proud of and can look back on all the memories and smile. To my few last clients, thank you. You are allowing Dragon Fire Ceremonies to end the same way it began; with beautiful, memorable, and unique ceremonies. There are many things I will miss, but I have so much to look forward to upon a new journey.

I want to give Special Thanks to my beautiful mother-in-law for not only accepting her new daugther-in-law, but also loving her. So many years ago you took me under your wing, including me in your company, which allowed me to create Dragon Fire Ceremonies 4 years later and keep it going for 8 wonderful years.

I will never forget all my experiences. I want to give also Special Thanks to Melinda and Chris Fox for being the first couple to choose me for their wedding officiant. I still remember that day, and my wonderful ice breaker that you guys laughed and thanked me for later, "and you guys think your nervous," with the mic still on. I remember everyone including us laughed. It was my very first handfasting I had ever performed. It is memories like these that I will forever keep close to my heart.

It has been an honor to have been of service for 12 years. May whom ever your deity be, keep you safe in the palm of their hands. Many blessings.
Clients that have already scheduled a wedding for the year of 2016 remember you can still reach me at anniedragonfairie@cox.net or via my phone 918-284-0278
Pic by: James Pirtle
Pic by: Renae Young